COMPETITION ENTRY - Who is the best member of the family?

     My mother should be the one to win this competition. My mother, whose name is Manuela, has always been the most proactive member of my family. She takes after her mother, who had been for years, the family mediator. Nowadays, my mother is the one who understands each one of us. Not only is she full of life, but also she has a contagious personality. If you get to know her better, you will see how brash she can be. Due to this fact, it is always a pleasure to be around her.
     She is always telling me people should not compare themselves with each other. Instead of that, people should establish their own goals. Somehow I think this principle has been what made her who she is today. My mother would never give up on her dreams and goals even if she saw the world was against them. The only time I have ever seen her quitting was to help us, her family. She has never forgotten us for a second for as long as I can remember.
     My mother is more than worthy of winning. She has been doing everything she can to show us the best side of life. However, our world is unfair. Fortunately, and thanks to my mother, I am sure that, in the future, I will have learned more about how to survive and behave in society. She has got a world to teach.

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