diogo, look what i found!

«  you know that i love you, don't you? you are so important that nothing could separate us.        i think to much like you said. but when i treated you the best way ever i was thinking a lot (ahahha).
  i don't want to know what the others think about us and our relation. we have our moments, our photos, our hugs, our kisses and all the other goods times that we spent together. sometimes i tell you things just to shut you up, but the truth is that all of those things are 'real talk'. 
  you keep there when anyone else do, so they can't talk bad things about you. yes, i'm afraid of falling in love with you and loose all we have together. 
  when i follow my heart it always works, and it is just that that i'm doing. now, i'm trying to find a word to finish this, but i just can remember 'love you'. perhaps 'love you' is well,
love you.»


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* 16 * music * london * love writting *
i'm complicated. i love laughing and making the others laugh. hope you like it!

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